Our Story

After suffering 3 immediate family bereavements in 7 months I wanted to use my own personal devastation and experience to help others by creating something positive in memory of my sister Angela,who died age 45 of a brain haemorrhage.

A place that was relaxed and comfortable yet structured to help release issues, emotions, where people felt quite normal not judged or clinical and with people you can relate with ( sometimes you need to live it to know it ) bereavement is very personal people suffer in silence and sometimes are not aware of the physical and mental issues that are gradually developing, to release these emotions before they become deep rooted can help towards eliminating some of these health issues. We aim to build and grow a charity with a positive approach to life after loss and bereavement and a reputation that connects through peoples experiences to inspire and drive individuals forward. We offer counselling, workshops to learn new skills, hobbies, social rehabilitation. We help to move people from existing to learning to live again by ways of motivation, positive approach and a release of emotions. To be able to relate with other people who have experienced loss or bereavement can be a massive step forward. Isolation and loneliness can create many physical and mental issues, by offering a restructure of life and addressing these issues with experienced people, aids towards a better quality of life many people feel lost and abandoned and need support to get back on track again. After all 3 in 3 people will experience bereavement at some stage. Please support the Angela Bird Charity and help us to sustain and grow this worthwhile cause, you never know when you might need us.